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Introduction to Nanjing Agricultural University Archives

The university’s first comprehensive archives center was established in November 1986 through the merger of the document archives of the former party committee office and the technical archives of the scientific research department. The new archives center, under the direct supervision of the General Office for the Presidency and at the section-level in the organizational setup system, is vested with the power of managing the university’s archives and files.

In December 2013, the university authority upgraded the Archives to be at the division-level in the organizational setup system. Made up of a comprehensive archives department, a human resources archives department, and an archives information technology department, the Archives is responsible for the centralized management of all types of archives throughout the university, the compilation of the university yearbooks and the collection and storage of the university’s physical files and personal files.

The Archives has made clear the regulations on the identification and collection of the archives, as well as the borrowing and utilization of the archives, so that there are rules to follow and the work is maintained in order.

The university administers its supervision over the Archives through a two-tier management system to enable the establishment of a relatively stable and quality-assured archival management team.

The Archives now has a collection of more than 95,000 volumes that include the comprehensive document files, the faculty and staff files, and the student files. (Data renewed as of December 31, 2017)

The procedures for consult the archives:

1. Personal access to archives: The applicant must bring the original copy of his or her valid ID card when he or she visits the Archives. The agent must present the power of attorney signed by the client, the copy of the valid ID card of the client and the original valid ID card of the agent.

2. Organizational access to archives: The manager must present his or her organization's letter of introduction and the original valid ID card.

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